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In light of the outbreak of COVID-19, use Computer Based Testing to administer tests and exams to students from home. Our software will mark, record and prepare report sheets automatically and parents can access it from anywhere on any device.

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Easy to Use

We simply studied what schools and teachers do termly, and we automated it. So you wouldn't find anything new or strange. Its the same thing you're used to doing, only easier now.

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Fast & Flexible

You and your teachers can do all your administrative work from anywhere, even on mobile phones. Don't fear, it doesn't consume your data. We thought of that.

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Secure & Intelligent

By computing your schools results online, you automatically have a backup of your schools archive in the cloud. You can get back any terms record, even after 20 years. And we take our backups seriously.


Focus on educating students, not on cumbersome paperwork

We have made the process of entering school results very easy. Your teachers can even enter them offline and click a button to synchronize them to the database. Thats about all you need to do.

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Premium AI Module

Insight & Analytics on students performance

After a minimum of three academic terms, the SchoolX AI interpretes the performance records and gives you insight that could only come from advanced career coaches. You can count on the best.

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Special Features of SchoolX

This is not just another school management software. We built this with you in mind.

Easy Intregration
Manage Your Money

Process School Fees payments, autogenerate and send receipts, manage your expense register, generate debtors list in one click, automatically send fee reminders, generate professional looking financial reports and account summaries.

Latest Technology
Administer Your School

Have the flexibility to create, edit and remove classes, subjects, teachers and students. Handle all postings, transfers and team roles. Generate your school timetable automatically and sync to all teachers dashboards.

Cloud Service
Prepare School Reports

Configure the look and feel of your report template, insert scores for pupils, record pupil psychomotor ratings and performaance, result comments from teachers & directors, generate access codes for parents to view results.

Team Collaboration
Communicate With Stakeholders

You can send SMS and emails directly to parents according to different flexible criteria from within the system. Send internal messages to teachers and staff too by SMS and respond to parents feedback.

User Permissions
Tests and Exams

Set tests and exams and adminster them online.

Unlimited Storage
Generate Access Codes

Instantly generate access codes (like scratch cards) for each student. The parents use the code to view the students result. They can print, save it or store the results in the cloud.

Team Collaboration
Parent - Teacher Communication

Get instant feedback from parents about the students result. Also allows the parents to send messages directly to the teachers of their children via the system.

Team Collaboration
Online Fees Payment

From the result checking portal, parents can pay for next terms school fees online and you get the money in your school account. We create an online account for you.

Team Collaboration
Database Backups

Asides the automated server-side backups, you can export or backup your entire database from the click of a button within the application.

Thank you Nigeria for Trusting Us

This is how we know we are meeting a need


When we told our PTA that we were going paperless, they were scared becuase they thought it was a complex process. At the end of the term we simple gave them access codes to enter online and in one click, they could see their childrens result, the same way it was on paper. The transition was too smooth.
Dr. Elizabeth Ogunshola
Brainy Hive Schools, Uyo
End of the term is usually hectic. We have just a week from completion of exams to vacation. The pressure of getting results ready gives rise to mistakes and errors. With SchoolX, we work from home on our phones, with ease. Within 2 days, we complete what we struggle to do in a week.
Ejiro Adigwe
Classroom Teacher
As a Head Teacher, I comment on every childs termly report. I now can do that from anywhere in the world. And then I can send emails or SMS to all the parents in a particular class, from my phone, anywhere. It's now I feel like a boss.
Mr Peter Mubashi
Creme De La Creme Schools, Jos

We Are Super Affordable

We do not price per student, we have bundle pricing.
Tip: SchoolX could actually generate extra revenue for your school. All plans have 1 Term Free Trial.


1 - 70 Pupils


  • Free for 1st term
  • Instant Setup
  • 24/7 live support


71 – 250 Pupils


  • Free for 1st term
  • Instant Setup
  • 24/7 live support


251 – 500 Pupils


  • Free for 1st term
  • Instant Setup
  • 24/7 live support


501 - 1,000 Pupils


  • Free for 1st term
  • Instant Setup
  • 24/7 live support


1000+ Pupils


  • Free for 1st term
  • Instant Setup
  • 24/7 live support

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Frequently asked questions

Let's save you from having to email us to get some basic questions answered.

Is there a discount on pricing?

Yes, while we are open to negotiations expecially for peculair cases, we give a standard 20% discount if you are paying yearly, that is for 3 terms at once. Also, as the number of students grows, we can review and renegotiate pricing.

After the free term trial, can we cancel?

Absolutely. If you don't like the application and wish to cancel, you are free to do so without obligations.

How secure is our data?

We ensure we deploy an SSL certificate to every client site to ensure data encryption, and we provide weekly backups to your database for disaster recovery in the worst event.

Can we buy off the application and own it?

No, SchoolX is runs as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). We are constantly updating and optimizing it for use. If you however wish to own a fully customized version, our developers can discuss your requirements and give you a quote.

Can we still print our results if we want to?

Yes, SchoolX reproduces the exact same result you have been using. If you wish to print hard copies for some parents who may not have internet access, you still can.

How do we get technical support?

Our tech support team is available almost 24/7. We can resolve most technical issues remotely online, but if the support requires our physical presence, we will send someone to your school (not guaranteed during free term trial)

We don't have an online account, how do parents pay fees online?

As long as your school is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission or respective government agency, we will create an online account for you.

Do you have any questions?

Would be happy to hear how I can help you out.


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