Teacher & Staff Management

Add Existing Staff To Your Portal

The Administrator of a school on the SchoolX platform is the only user given the privilege to add staff to the school system. This ensures credible security measures on who is allowed to perform certain task on the SchoolX system

To view all the Staff/Teacher in the school:

  • First, you need to be logged on to the admin dashboard to
  • Click on Staff- A pull down menu will appear. With this menu you can easily view all staff registered on the platform, add staff or modify the information of a staff
  • Click on All Staff: this option displays all the staff records stored on the database with their details

NB: You can search a staff by name in the search column, add new staff, edit and also delete a staff from this page.

To Add a Staff to your school portal can be done with just few clicks as follows:

  • Click on Staff
  • Click on Add a staff from the Left navigation menu
  • A create staff portal is displayed. The field to input the staff’s details is provided here
  • Fill in the staff details in the fields provided
  • Select the office of the staff by clicking on the drop-down menu; you will find the (Administrator, Form Master & Teacher) option
  • Click on Create button to Save

The staff profile for “Jonas Magaji” have been successfully created and stored on the SchoolX database

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