CBT Exam Question Bank Setup & Administration

How To: Steps to Bank Questions For Computer Based Test on SchoolX

The SchoolX Question Bank

The SchoolX Question Bank is one vital module on the SchoolX platform. With this feature, you don’t need to reset every question each term. All you need to do is to go through your previously saved questions and reset your test or exam for a current term.

From the Left-Navigation Menu,

Results & Reports Setup & Administration Teacher & Staff Management

Important!!! The SchoolX CBT (computer based test) Feature on [] for free

Computer Based Test(CBT) on SchoolX

On the SchoolX platform, Login to the admin dashboard with the required details

Setup & Administration

Different User Roles And Their Description On SchoolX

Administrator: He can perform all functions. Mostly for the school proprietor and principal or anybody who should have access to all SchoolX functions for your school

Classes & Subjects Results & Reports Setup & Administration

How To Setup A Report Template(Dossier)

To set up your Report or dossier template, make sure you’re logged on to your dashboard using your login credentials.

Fees & Finances Setup & Administration

Processing School Fees using SchoolX

Here are the steps you need to handle everything about your school fees using SchoolX.

Setting Up School Fees for Each Class

Typically, in most schools, the fees being paid varies from class to class. This can be setup when you are editing the information of that class. Follow the following steps to create the amount that each class pays.

  1. Click on the Class menu, and then the Modify Class Information sub-menu
Setup & Administration

How to move to a New Term in the same Academic Session

This is a guide on how to start using SchoolX at the beginning of a new term within the same session. For example, it is January and we are starting second term within the same academic year. You will need to do two things first:

  1. Change the Current Term
  2. Move all students from the previous term to the current term