Student Management

How to Create/Modify Students Profile

From the Admin Dashboard, you can use the button features or the left navigation menu. This easily enables you to either

  • Add/Create a student’s profile
  • Search for student
  • Modify Student Information and
  • Promote Students in a class

  • Click Create New Student button / Add Students from the Left Navigation Menu. This button will take you to the portal where you can create and input the student details you are about to register.

Here is the student portal displayed and ready for student data entry as shown below

The fields are provided here for student data entry and Passport picture upload.

  • Input the details in the field provided
  • Click the “I want to upload a pupil’s passport” this will enable you select an image of your pupil that you are creating a profile for.
  • Then Click Create

On clicking the Create button on the previous page, the next page will show you a summary of the inputted data of your pupil. You confirm the data you have entered

  • Click Choose file. This option lets you browse through your image gallery/folder to select your desired passport photograph for identification

The image folder is opened for you to select your desired passport photograph
You upload a passport picture to enable you identify a student facially and to ensure it is same as the details inputted for.

  • Select your passport
  • Click open to upload the passport to the student portal.

The image name in the choose file field identifies the passport to be upload. So you can verify and initiate the upload process

  • Click on upload

On clicking the upload, the file will be uploaded and you will be redirected to the Manage student portal
This module is provided for you to modify the student details already stored and to input other details required for the student.

Scroll down the page to view more fields

On this section of the page, you are provided with relevant fields for several details like

  • Number of times attended. This tells how often the pupil is available at school etc.
  • Input scores (for every subject the pupil takes in his/her class from test scores, exams and percentage) The automation of the report sheet is done here and carried out to the result template.

  • Edit Report Template: (you can also navigate to the report template portal with ease through the student manger profile) the report template is the module where you setup the looks and feel of your result sheets and what it should contain therein
  • Enter comments
  • After you’ve entered all necessary information, click on save to store your data.

Now your data is saved and secured

To Manage/modify Students profile, you can either

  • Click on the modify Student Info button or
  • Click on Modify Students Information through the Left Navigation Menu

This page allows you to manage your students details individually by searching specific student by Name

  • Select the Student Name that you want to modify

  • Click Manage button


This will redirect you to the page where you can modify every necessary detail you want to add or delete from a pupil’s profile

You can modify your pupil’s details from here

  • Modify the data
  • And click save

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