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How To Insert Scores And Comments On SchoolX

On successful login to your teacher’s dashboard, you will get the view of your dashboard showing you the;

  • Navigation button menu
  • Total number of students
  • Total number of staffs
  • The session. This informs you about the current session in which the school is in.

Here, a teacher is only permitted to insert scores and add comments to his/her students report termly.

  • List of subjects you teach
  • List of classes

As the name on the buttons Implies “search”; this enable you to easily find a particular student in which you want to either input subject scores or enter some comment in the provided fields.

  • Click on Search Button
  • Input the Student name. the name of the student which you are about to perform some task on
  • Search by either Name or Admission number of the student
  • Then Click Search

Your Search Result is found

Click on the Student name to View his/her Termly Result

Here you can insert scores and comments only

Scroll down to view more options

  • Click Insert Scores for each subject; this takes you to the page were fields are provided to enter the scores of the student.

  • After you have input Scores, click Save. this ensures that the scores are saved to the database and backed up in our cloud system.

Scroll down to Add Comments

  • Click Edit from the comment area of the Report view

  • Input teacher’s comment
  • Click save

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