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How To Setup A Report Template(Dossier)

To set up your Report or dossier template, make sure you’re logged on to your dashboard using your login credentials.

On the left navigation menu,

  • click on the APP SETTINGS and a pull down menu will appear.
  • click Report Template

On clicking the Report Template, you will be automatically sent to the Next page

Report Template. This is the page where you can design/create a result template as required for the class. You’re going to be printing all of this as your report sheet so you need to ensure care and precise mode of result computation using the SchoolX platform


Sample below:

To Create, Input the Name of Class and Description

Then Click on Create Template

You can see it says “Report Template Created Successfully

The Junior secondary section template has been created successfully.

Click on the Report Template to add columns

Input such as “Test, Exam, Average etc.” on the template


You’ll get the edited template as shown below.

Scroll down the page to Add other fields like Skill(s) followed by Comments from the Form Master, Teacher of the class or Proprietor

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