Fees & Finances Setup & Administration

Processing School Fees using SchoolX

Here are the steps you need to handle everything about your school fees using SchoolX.

Setting Up School Fees for Each Class

Typically, in most schools, the fees being paid varies from class to class. This can be setup when you are editing the information of that class. Follow the following steps to create the amount that each class pays.

  1. Click on the Class menu, and then the Modify Class Information sub-menu

  1. This will display a drop down menu from which you can select any class from the school. Select a class and click the Manage button.
  2. This will fetch the details of that class, and you will see a field that prompts you to enter the fees that this class pays. Like in the window belowOnce done, click the Save button.
Posting and Processing Fees Paid by Students

So parents have already paid fees to the bank or brought cash to school. You may or may not have issued paper receipts, but SchoolX can help you keep records of all these and even generate receipts for the parents. Beyond that, you can get financial summaries of total amounts paid, amount being owed, and generate automatic lists of debtors.

Here is how to post fee payments:

  1. Click on the Fees menu
  2. Click on the Receive Fees sub-menu
  3. In the window that opens, select the student you are posting the fees for, the term and the session, then click the Continue button.
  4. The next window that will open will contain the details of how much this student is supposed to pay. If the student has paid any fees previously for this term, it will display the details of those payments below and also show you the outstanding amount. Fill the form appropriately and click the Pay button.At this point, you can either choose to print the receipt, or send it to the parent in an email. The email will only be delivered if you had previously entered an email account in the student profile.

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