Student Management

Promote/Demote Students

Whenever the session in a year is over, the school management often promote students from the current class to a higher class or from the completed term to the next term (first term to second term) based on their performance yearly.

We have provided this Promote module to easily shuffle the students in every class who are deem for promotion automatically

To promote/move students to next,

  • Click on Promote button on the dashboard

You will be redirected to the Promotion or Demotion page

The process is set automatically to promote the students of a particular class who score the average marks and to demote those who eventually did not meet up to the session requirements from a current class to a higher class

And moving this same from one term to the New term by selecting the desired term/session options but still maintains the class they are in.

Moving students to new term,

Watch Video Tutorial


  • Select your option from the Move from/To (You select the academic year and session that the function is to be performed on but maintains the class they are in)
  • – click on “Move Everyone to the Assigned term and session but maintain the class they are”

To also promote the student to a New class,

  • Select the year of session to Promote from and select the session which you are Promoting to

You have successfully moved classes to the next level of session.

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