CBT Exam Question Bank Setup & Administration

How To: Steps to Bank Questions For Computer Based Test on SchoolX

The SchoolX Question Bank

The SchoolX Question Bank is one vital module on the SchoolX platform. With this feature, you don’t need to reset every question each term. All you need to do is to go through your previously saved questions and reset your test or exam for a current term.

From the Left-Navigation Menu,

Click on Tests & Exams; a pull-down menu will appear

Click on Question Bank

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You will be redirected to the Question Bank page

Now you should select the class in which you want to view the banked questions or add new questions into the question bank

You’re provided with the options to either View Exam Questions or Add and View Banked Questions

To view Exam Questions for the selected class KG2,

Click on View Exam Questions

On this page, you can see the already stored Exam Questions for the selected class

On the right-hand side of the subject table, you’ll find the action column where various buttons like the (Edit, Delete, and View Question) buttons are available to perform various functions.

Edit Button: this button is used to edit the description for a subject exam like Duration and type

Delete button: this button is used to delete a Test or Exam for a particular subject. You’ll be required to enter the admin password to confirm and ensure that you do not make a mistake with your decision.

Use the View Question button to view the questions for various sections you have created for a particular subject at a time.

You’re redirected to the question bank for the section selected as seen below.

Also, from this page, you can edit or delete a particular question which might have been wrongly inputted or not needed.

Click on the Edit button

A pop-up window will appear showing editable fields for the selected question.

After all necessary corrections,

Click on the Edit button again to save your corrections.

You’ll get a confirmation notification that you have edited and successfully saved the change.

The Delete Button deletes a particular question from a subject

A pop-up window will appear telling you to insert a password to confirm the deletion of question

Let’s go back to our Question Bank Page

Click on Add or View Banked Questions

This is the Question Bank Page where you can view saved questions or add/create new questions into the SchoolX Question Bank.

Select from the options provided to Create Question

Input all necessary details in the fields provided to create a Question in the bank.

Click Create Question

Question Added or Created Successfully

Now you have successfully added a question to you Question Bank

Other features you have on this page is to Edit or Delete questions form the Action column


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