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Important!!! The SchoolX CBT (computer based test) Feature on [] for free

Computer Based Test(CBT) on SchoolX

On the SchoolX platform, Login to the admin dashboard with the required details


From the dashboard, locate the Test & Exam option on the left navigation menu

Click on Text & Exam and a pull-down menu will appear

To have a brief understanding of this system,

Click on How It Works and follow the instruction on the page.

The SchoolX CBT is a System that helps cub the exams and test redundancy, enabling schools to set and observe their test and exams online. More so, eliminating paper works, unclear printing and delay in result compilation and delivery.

Here is a guide through on how to set you TESTS and EXAMS for various classes and subjects.

Now you know exactly what you need to do on this system.

Click on Set Your Exam on the How It Works page

Or from the Left Navigation menu

Watch Video Tutorial

You will be redirected as seen below

Select Class from the option

After you select a Class, the page will reload with other options.

You will be required to select your desired options such as Class, Subject, Duration for the exam and type i.e Test or Exam

Click on Create Exam

Congratulations on your accomplishment.

As you can see on the page below, “Exam Created Successfully” on the left and on the right, you have created the desired fields for your Quantitative reasoning Test and Exam.

Now you need to create the sections in which your test or exam should have e.g Objective questions, Essay and Oral questions.

Enter the Section Title, Instructions for each section and order in which they will be aligned.

Then Click Create Section

Exam section

Examples of the Sections I created can be seen in the page below

And at this stage, you are set to input several questions.

Click on Add Questions button

Select a question type from the option

The page above will reload on question type selection bringing up the fields for you to enter your questions.

Here we selected Objective question type

Now Input your questions and answers option

Click on Creation Question

And just then, you have successfully created your Questions

We also created Subjective questions as shown below

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